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In defence of my book cover

I recently wrote a book. Not just any book, but a book about some of the things I’ve done with my life. And I chose the image above for the book cover, a choice I'd like to defend here.

An interesting life...

When I speak with people, they often tell me what an interesting life I’ve had. And yes, that is probably true. But I’ve done nothing that you yourself couldn’t do, too. And there are many who have. We aren’t special or blessed, or even particularly talented in any way, but we all share a curiosity to travel the world, to see the world through different eyes, through the eyes of those who don’t know the things we know, but who know many other things, nonetheless.

And it is the things that they know that I have sought to find in my travels.

Have I been successful? Who knows. Have I been lucky? Maybe so. Have I done anything that the rest of the world couldn’t have done? No way.

We are all the same. We are all human beings, born with the same potential and thirst for life. Granted some of us are born into circumstances that make the road ahead difficult and fraught with disaster. But we all have free will. We all have choices to make. And it’s those choices that make us who we are. For better or worse.

Why I chose this image for the book cover...

The girl on the cover of my book approached me one morning as I sat on the steps of a temple in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, a temple that was all but destroyed in the recent earthquake. She didn’t want anything from me other than to sit beside me and ponder the cool morning calm as the city came to life. She didn’t speak my language, nor I hers, but we knew each other simply by sharing that short time together.

Restless is a book of such stories, of connections with people on one level or another, in situations that stretched the limits of my perseverance and often left me frustrated and angry at the world. But one thing was clear. I put myself there. I made the choices that set me down the road I was on, and my only choice now, was to follow the road to its inevitable end.

It led me down some strange and wonderful alleyways, into situations I would never have found myself in if I had never left the comfort of my home and family. But by making those choices, and walking those paths, I changed my perspective and my outlook on the world.

And you can, too.

Join me on the journey...

Let me take you, for just a little while, along with me on some of those roads, so that you can see for yourself what is possible when you believe in yourself and the power you have in your hands and heart.

Let me show you my restless world.

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