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From the Jonathon Collins

'The true reality of being a traveler is that life often leads us in directions we never expect, to places we would never imagine going, people we wouldn't meet otherwise, and eventually, leading lives unparalleled to the ones we left behind. 

Restless is the story of a traveler who discovers this reality, and many more, when leaving her life in Australia behind. '

This is not a how-to book, or a guide book.

It is a why-to book.

Restless is a book of stories, of connections with people on one level or another, in situations that stretched the limits of my perseverance and often left me frustrated and angry at the world. But one thing was clear. I put myself there. I made the choices that set me down the road I was on, and my only choice  was to follow the road to its inevitable end.

It led me down some strange and wonderful alleyways, into situations I would never have found myself in if I had never left the comfort of my home and family. But by making those choices, and walking those paths, I changed my perspective and my outlook on the world.

Join me on the journey...

Let me take you, for just a little while, along with me on some of those roads, so that you can see for yourself what is possible when you believe in yourself and the power you have in your hands and heart.

Let me show you my restless world.

Everest Rang

Praise for RESTLESS

David P

A Wonderful Read from Beginning to End...

'This book really provides a new way to think about travel experiences physically and emotionally - essentially left out of a travel brochure from an agent. This book will be a catalyst in the call to take action. Book your ticket and live your life now. 100% one of my fave books of 2016!! Must read for anyone who loves to travel, dreams of travel, or is travelling right now.'

Honest Stories and Absolutely Inspiring...

'An excellent read; such an inspiring story of experiences, misadventures, struggles, and lessons learned. It made me smile and laugh.'

Allan T

About the Author


Heather is not just an author. She is also a poet, a traveler, a photographer, a musician, a free spirit, and adventurer, a thrill seeker, a cycling nut, a wife and a mother.  

​She has cycled across entire countries, camped under freeways, trekked the Himalaya with a baby on her back, lived in a bamboo hut on a Thai beach, worked as a cleaner in a motel, taught English to the Japanese, and been executive assistant to a Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. There’s nothing she can’t do or won’t try – at least twice. If she doesn’t know, she makes it her mission to find out.

She has searched for meaning in our often insignificant and trivial lives across three continents, mostly in Asia, and found various forms of spiritual fulfilment, some very powerful and life-changing. She has experienced some awesome highs and some wretched lows, known scarcity and prosperity in not so equal measures, and learned how precious life really is.

Heather currently lives in Newcastle, Australia with her partner, Iain, and best furry friend, Lea, where she writes, cycles and drinks far too much coffee.

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